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Donna Damare’ – Certified Health Coach/Certified EVOX Technician

Donna is a 15-year stage 3 cancer survivor and a veteran educator. She struggled with her own health issues embarked on a journey to become certified as a health coach through Natural Family Care/ Dr. Kami Dehler and the Food Matters Institute. Donna believes that when healing the body, it is important to consider the mental and emotional influences we are experiencing. This is achieved by balancing diet, prayer, meditation, sleep, exercise, and recreation.

In a one-hour session, the emphasis is on food for healing and supplements if indicated. The session will also point out some of the toxins we unwittingly putting into our bodies that can affect us physically and mentally, as well emotionally. Donna will also suggest swapping purer household cleaning products, beauty products, sunscreens, lotions, etc. Sessions begin at $40/hour.

Call or text Donna Damare’ at 985.502.6487 to schedule an appointment!

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