Dr. Stephanie de la Houssaye, PsyD, LPC, NCC

Catholic Christian Counselor

Brain Health Directed Licensed Professional Counselor


Donna Damare’ – Certified Health Coach/Certified EVOX Technician

Donna is a 15-year stage 3 cancer survivor and a veteran educator. She struggled with her own health issues embarked on a journey to become certified as a health coach through Natural Family Care/ Dr. Kami Dehler and the Food Matters Institute. Donna believes that when healing the body, it is important to consider the mental and emotional influences we are experiencing. This is achieved by balancing diet, prayer, meditation, sleep, exercise, and recreation.

In a one-hour session, the emphasis is on food for healing and supplements if indicated. The session will also point out some of the toxins we unwittingly putting into our bodies that can affect us physically and mentally, as well emotionally. Donna will also suggest swapping purer household cleaning products, beauty products, sunscreens, lotions, etc. Sessions begin at $40/hour.

She has received certification as an EVOX technician who assists clients in changing their perspectives due to PTSD issues or any other emotional challenges that are blocking a more positive outlook on life. This can help with personal relationships, achievement of goals, healing, and recovery from an illness or injury.

EVOX sessions begin at $45

Call or text Donna Damare’ at 985.502.6487 to schedule an appointment!

iTeraCare Therapy Device

This amazing healing treatment involves a hand held device used to facilitate healing of the body inside and out using frequency. The frequency is able to reach 20 to 30 cm under the skin, internal organs and bone marrow, constantly unclogging and cleansing the blood vessels and the lymphatic system in the body. Thus, simultaneously improves microcirculation, reduces coldness, reduces tumors, nourishes skin, repairs unhealthy tissue, removes redness and stimulates healing of internal organs and further strengthening of cells. The penetration of the terahertz frequency is safe and effective.

  • Targeting healing is $45 (30 minutes or less)
  • Full body healing is $60 (45 minutes to an hour)


Laser energetic detox is a mode of external healing which allows the body to safely and gently detox. The benefit of using the laser is that you do not have to ingest the homeopathic remedy allowing for less healing crisis and side affects. As the laser light passes through the homeopathic remedy vile, it picks up and carries the homeopathic signal on the laser light. The coherent laser light turns into a coherent horizontal line as it passes through the remedy. This line is then scanned over the body. The remedy and the photon energy is taken into the body where the cells receive the signal and the detox begins and continues until it is eliminated out of the body.

Remedies include:

  • Drainage
  • Sinuses
  • Antibiotics and sulfa drugs
  • Heavy metals
  • Covid spike protein and Pfizer vaccinations
  • Round-up
  • Cost of each half hour session is $50

Call or text Donna Damare’ at 985 -502- 6487 to schedule an appointment or email to!

Karen Maricle, Lymphatic Enhancement Therapist

To schedule an appointment or to find out more, contact 985.705.2737

Katie Lee

Patricia Putnam Phillippi, MS

Bona Via Coaching
A Personal Journey Along the Good Way  985-630-5733

I received a BA in psychology from Loyola University in New Orleans and a MS in psychology from Divine Mercy University’s Institute for the Psychological Sciences. My academic work in positive psychology and human flourishing launched my interest in strengths-based coaching. I am currently pursuing board certification and specialized training in an accredited International Coach Federation program. I was selected by the National Board of Certified Counselors as a 2020 Foundation Scholarship recipient in support of my advancement as a Board Certified Coach. My Catholic-Christian formation influences a purpose-driven, hope-inspired approach to coaching. I would be honored to help you chart your path along the Bona Via.

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