Health & Counseling Center began in 2015 after I left the Catholic School System as a Guidance Counselor for six years. I was in private practice before I went into the Catholic School System from 2001 till 2009. I felt a calling to start another private practice in the City of Central with other practitioners in the area.

My goal was to provide a center to help others restore their mind, body, and soul. Where people could come to restore their mind & soul with Christian Counseling as well as their body by working with a Naturopathic doctor.

Then in 2018, I moved to Covington and felt a calling to open another location. So I went to work to explore the community. In 2019, I opened another location adding two new services to this location including EVOX technology to help clear emotional blockages with biocommunication technology as well as Soul Core classes which are exercise classes with prayer.

I am proud of the growth of the Health & Counseling Center since 2015. In the Central location, I have the pleasure to have Alison Porche (Naturopathic Doctor), Amanda McGraw (Counselor), Chris Redden (Counselor), & Cat Vicknair (Counselor). In Covington, I have the pleasure to have Kami Dehler (Naturopathic Doctor), and Cheryl Fahr (SoulCore instructor) to help serve our clients to restore their mind, body, & soul.

When you choose the Health & Counseling Center to restore your mind, body, & soul you are also choosing to help the community. The center donates to several charities monthly in the community.

I want to sincerely thank you for choosing Health & Counseling Center. I greatly appreciate your business.

Stephanie de la Houssaye

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