Health & Counseling Center began in 2015 after I left the Catholic School System as a Guidance Counselor for six years. I was in private practice before I went into the Catholic School System from 2001 till 2009. I felt a calling to start another private practice in the City of Central with other practitioners in the area.

My goal was to provide a center to help others restore their mind, body, and soul. Where people could come to restore their mind & soul with Christian Counseling as well as their body by working with a Naturopathic doctor.

In 2019, I opened another location in Covington adding new services including ZYTO biocommunication technology, health coaching, and exercise classes with prayer.

I am proud of the growth of the Health & Counseling Center since 2015. In the Central location, I have the pleasure to work with Alison Porche (Naturopathic Doctor), Amanda McGraw (Counselor), Chris Redden (Counselor), & Cat Vicknair (Counselor). In Covington, I have the pleasure to work with Kami Dehler (Naturopathic Doctor), Cheryl Fahr (SoulCore instructor), and Tara White (Health Coach & Pietra Fitness instructor) to help serve our clients to restore their mind, body, & soul.

When you choose the Health & Counseling Center to restore your mind, body, & soul you are also choosing to help the community. The center donates to several charities monthly in the community.

I want to sincerely thank you for choosing Health & Counseling Center. I greatly appreciate your business.

Stephanie de la Houssaye

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